Happy Birthday
May 20, 2007, 9:24 pm
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2 days ago on Friday 18 my dog Ronald had a birthday. Now he is 10 years old. He is a real member of our family, maybe it could be strange for you to hear, but he is like my brother. He is a dachshund (in Ukrainian taksa) and I can easily say that he is a real hunter. Although in our modern city conditions there are no foxes, he has another target- cats and hens. His favorite place is our countryside house where he can find some hens. The most dramatic thing is that we don’t have hens, but some of our neighbors do, and frequently saying they aren’t very happy when Ronald “meets” their hens. I remember like 5 years ago I was in the country side. Everything was so calm, but when I went out from the house I had seen many white plumes on the grass, I realized that it was owned by a beautiful turkey cock =) Unfortunately he has a health problem-stomach ulcer. Off course only 5 years ago to hear that dogs could have this disease was incredible for me, but now I know pretty much about it. He has his own diet with his own special food, but you don’t have to worry about him, because he lives in a comfortable conditions, and gets everything what he wants (at least I think so). Some vets claims that each dog year is like a six human years. So, now he is a 60 years old pensioner with a big life experience and I can say with confidence that he gave us many funny and amazing remembrances!             


Verka ignited EUROPE
May 13, 2007, 5:15 pm
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Yesterday I watched Eurovision Song Contest that was in
Helsinki. Ukrainian representative was famous Verka Serduchka who shocked and at the same time attracted European journalist. She was a real star of the Eurovision, and I liked her performance very much. Frequently saying when I got to know that she would go to Eurovision I wasn’t so glad but then I realized that she is exactly that person who had to go. She is funny and cheerful and really “unique”. And I was so sad when our country (some people) started to protest against her instead of help. What’s wrong with us? A lot of journalists were amazed, because Verka is a real favourite but her country protest against her. Another problem came from Russia when they started to protest against words “Lasha Tumbai” because they’ve heard ‘Russia Goodbye”. However in my opinion this huge scandal only increased her popularity, because “there is no bad advertising”. I’ve read in one newspaper that Andrew Danylko even had some problems with his health, because of all this scandals. But now I think those who protested against him should burn with shame, because Verka was a real star of the Eurovision, and got second place.  Firstly I was upset that she wasn’t first but then I realized that second place for our country was the most preferable. Because it’s hard to imagine, how we with our political situation and impending parliament elections could lead an enormous performance, such as Eurovision 2008. So for our country she is a winner. And I’m proud of our representative Verka Serduchka who resisted against “treason of her own country” and reached a success. What can I say concerning Serbia- who got first place? Before yesterday I haven’t heard about her anything. I like her song (Molitva) and her voice but I didn’t like her presentation of the song I think she could make it better. I know that this song was so lyrical and she didn’t have to make a show for it, but I think she could make something better. Anyway I like the show and I was pleased with Verka Serduchka and Marija, and I think this Eurovision was really exited. Thank you Vera for lots of emotions =)

Three movies with number three
May 13, 2007, 2:55 pm
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Three prominent movie-premiers open this month, with lots of expectations, and hopes. Shrek was one of the most successful cartoons for whole cinema history. First part of this cartoon with $ 60 millions budget got $ 445 million but the second part (“Shrek 2) got $ 881 millions. This tremendous money has put Shrek 2 into the “top 10” of the most cashes films in the cinema history; it’s on the 8th place. In 2002 “Shrek” won “Oscar” for the best animation movie of the year (or cartoon). Also Shrek is a single animation movie that pretended for the “Gold olive-branch of the Cannes Festival” for 2 times (2001; 2004). Another Shrek’s trump is a lot of famous actors, such as Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz. In third part for this list was added Justin Timberlake, unfortunately we can’t hear all this stars-voices, because we will have our “Ukrainian translation”, but I think that it won’t change anything.            

    Spiderman 3 is one of the most expensive movies in the world history; budget of this film is $ 300 millions. First and second parts were very successful, for example budget of the first Spiderman was $ 139 millions, and it gathered $ 807 millions. For the third part of this film, its director Sam Raimi decided to establish this movie by his own scenario before this he’s made everything by comics’ plots. Many Spiderman-fans didn’t like this idea and began to protest, but now everything is calm, because probably they liked this film. For the first weekend in USA “Spiderman 3” has already set up several records, including “record of the star day” with $ 59, 3 millions (against $ 53, 8 pertained to Pirates of Caribbean Sea 2”) Than it has set up the record of weekend. In the world “Spiderman 3” has set up several different records too. In each region of the world-distribution “Spiderman 3” became a leader of the top-ten and even in 29 countries takings were the biggest for whole distribution-history.            

“Pirates of the Caribbean Sea: At World’s End”. This film has perfect actors, interesting plot, incredible special effects and off course a huge renown all over the world. Second part of “Pirates” got to “top 10” of the most cashes films with $ 1, 06 billions. In the second part and also in the third specialists used several innovations concerning special and trick effects. John Noll is a creator of the special effects for this movie, and he tells that they made an incredible work. Also in the third part creators invited Keith Richards (guitarist of “The Rolling Stones”). This film is really prospective by a huge audience, but we don’t know if it will be able to surpass its results near others huge premiers.             So I think you can make you choice, decide which one is better for you personally, and go to the cinema and revel in the beautiful cinema world, to safe a Kingdom or to be a hero, or to be a pirate???                                       

Kiev Sea
May 5, 2007, 9:49 pm
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Have you ever been to Kiev Sea? Off course the word “sea” is only a pseudonym in reality it is a reservoir but I liked it very much. I live in Kiev…but I haven’t heard about it, before today. Now because of weather you can’t swim, but you can sit on the shore or to walk along it. Today I had a nice time there, with my friends. We cooked roast meat (or just shashlik) and enjoyed this wonderful place! You can relax there from our modern civilization equipments and to revel in the pleasant atmosphere…to hear the sea sounds…and to unite with nature…just try to…you will like it!  Sometimes it’s really useful to relax from our modern life, problems, and deals in order to get an inspiration for the new victories.

Without home…
May 4, 2007, 10:59 pm
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Every day in our city we see a lot of people who don’t have houses and live just on streets. Most of them are kids. Why do they ran away from their homes and prefer to stay on streets? I don’t think this happens because of good life, or because they don’t have parents.  Most of those children, actually, have parents, but they are going through a real hell in their homes and they make a decision to run away.   In 1998 I was going to Bulgaria with my mom and brother by train, and we stopped on one station. I don’t really remember the name of the station, but what I do remember is that it was still the territory of Ukraine. It was 11 p.m. and most of the passengers were already sleeping. Conductor told us that we would stay on the station for a one hour and we had decided to walk out from the carriage. There we saw four beggars. The oldest one was only 15; others were between 10 and 14 years old. I was amazed when they didn’t ask us for food or money…just like most beggars do. Moreover, they started to dance, and play different roles…it seemed they were actors from a theatre and we were their audience.   The youngest one was the most fascinating dancer and actor. While he was performing, I saw both happiness and anxiety in his eyes. I think that happened because he didn’t know what our reaction is goanna be. They were showing us a real show!!!! It was some kind of musical that was full of dancing, laughing, it seemed like they were really happy to see us and we were their favorite audience. Of course, after this unusual “performance” we gave them all the food and money we had. But then I became very curious about their lives and decided to ask the youngest one about his life. He told me that his parents were alcoholics and he had run away from home with his brother. They made a decision to live on streets. He added that sometimes people gave them food but, usually, they were responsible for getting their own food and finding ways to survive by themselves. He was so sincere and kind that it was impossible to have a doubt in his words. Then I asked my mom: “Why no one cares about these children? Why do they just live alone on streets without any help?” I don’t really remember what my mom answered, but I remember that I burst into tears… so did my brother.

Quotes from my RESEARCH PAPER
April 29, 2007, 7:39 pm
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In my research paper I used many significant quotes by different people, those who went thorough holodomor, journalist or historians who have their own opinion about thus tragedy and some “hot words” of our contemporary politics. I want to show you the most interesting quotes “Of course we understand that initiators of this terrible tragedy are in graves, but for us mostly important to recognize the fact of the genocide as an attempt to annihilate Ukrainian nation”.   Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko 26.03.2006 Ukrainska Pravda

Many of us know position of our president concerning holodomor. No one knows what could happen if he didn’t have this opinion. He was a real initiator of the law that recognized holodomor as genocide, and I respect him for this.  

 ““Natural penalties” It was an explanation of their brutal actions. We couldn’t understand the reason of this because my father worked as much as possible and didn’t steal anything”. Irina Kaganovich. 

Irina Kaganovich expected all those dreadful things in her interview; she was impressed and full of emotions.

“So, to the extent that in our republic persecutions started long before 1937, we have to clarify the reasons of the 1933 famine, that killed millions Ukrainians, and to call by names those who provoked this tragedy”.

In June 1988 on the C.P.S.U. conference in Moscowperformed Boris Oleinick. He surprised and shocked everyone with these words, it was very openly for Soviet Union, and no one could expect this. Some people even think he could be arrested for these words, but the Soviet Union stayed at its end, and this person knew that it was about time to speak about this hard topic.

April 25, 2007, 9:14 pm
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I’ve found some articles that really helped me during my writing process (in addition to Enscohost articles)  

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Nazyrin, Stepan. “Reasons of the Soviet Famine 1932-33. Ukrainian place”. Ukrainska gazeta (Ukrainian Newspaper) 2005: 12-15

Vinovich, Oleg. “Who realized genocide against Ukrainians” Personal newspaper 2007: 17-22 

Radomir, George. “Ukrainian tragedy” Ukrainskaia Ictina (Ukrainian Truth) 2000: 76-84